Welcome to Tikhoretsk district

Ladies and gentlemen!

At present time, the Tikhoretsk district is a modern territory with high economic potential and favorable investment climate, and its economically advantageous location contributes it.

The district center Ц the town of Tikhoretsk Ц is located at the intersection of two railway lines and highways of federal importance, which form a major transport hub in Tikhoretsk providing basic railway and road communications with the European part of Russia, the Caspian coast of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia. Tikhoretsk is located 166 km from the regional center Ц the city of Krasnodar Ц and 172 km from the capital of the Southern Federal District Ц Rostov-on-Don.

High economic potential of the district, in conjunction with the favorable investment climate attracts the attention of a growing number of representatives of business each year; so, only at the end of 2013, 1.8 billion rubles has been invested in the development of the district.

Free investment sites in the district, as well as investment projects and proposals in such areas as industry, agriculture and small business are presented to your attention as a part of the information.

The District Administration for its part guarantees investors comprehensive support and assistance. As a result of our joint work, the district will gain a new image, and investors will be able to develop their businesses.

Sincerely your, Head of the Municipal Formation Tikhoretsk District
Perepelin Anatoliy Alexandrovich